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Reliable DNA Tests

Are the results of my tests reliable?

Our laboratory system has been analyzing human DNA profiles for almost 20 years now. We have an ISO certified Quality Management.

We know that our clients are in a very tense and emotional situation when doing a DNA test. You can always rely on our reports with exclusion or confirmation of paternity. There will be no “perhaps” or “there is a possible chance of  80% that…”

What do the results mean?

The rating “paternity practically proven” is given when the calculated probability for paternity reaches over 99,9 %. Including the mother’s sample in a test a probability of over 99,9999% is achieved. For motherless testing the values are usually over 99,99 %.

A “paternity can be excluded” is given, if we can exclude the alleged father. An exclusion will always be 100%. For all exclusions we repeat the test with the second sample provided by each participant at no additional costs. The second round of analysis is done exactly as the first round and will be analysed by one of our scientists.

This way we guarantee absolute reliablity on our reported results.

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