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What samples can be used for a paternity test

What samples can be used for a paternity test?

For our DNA paternity test we generally use cheek swabs or, in rare cases, blood samples.

We will require to have a 2nd sample as a fall-back, if the first of you samples does not contain enough DNA material.

How-to take a buccal swab

-prepare the sample envelope by filling in all data needed
-immediately before the sampling open the outer packaging of the swabs
-remove the swab without actually touching the cotton at the swab
-after the swabbing place the swab into the correct sample envelope. Repeat with the 2nd swab and seal the envelope
-Please make sure the participants have not eaten or drunk up to 1 hour before the sampling

Can non-standard DNA samples be used? Hair, chewing gum, Cigarette butts

Generally, buccal swabs or blood samples are used for a paternity or a relationship test. Different kinds of samples will not be tested.

However, in special situations we are of course able to analyze different samples, also. Some of theses non-standard samples are:

hair (with their roots still attached)
contents of an until now uncleaned electric razor
muscle or organ tissues, obtained from a possible hospital stay
finger nails
tooth brush
cigarette butts
chewing gum

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