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How to pay for your DNA test

You would like to order a DNA test? It’s that easy:

  1. Conduct a witnessed taking of samples if necessary
  2. Pay for your ordered test in advance according to the payment options here below

We will start with the analysis of your samples as soon as we have received the complete documentation (when applicable), the samples and your advance payment.

Payment Methods

We offer different payment methods. After you received your personal order number (sent to you through email) you can pay for your desired DNA test. Please choose between bank transfer, Credit Card payment or Paypal. You also always have the option to pay by installments.

Paypal payment: 
Please send your payment through Paypal directly to us. We can match an incoming payment to your order only through your Order ID. Please make sure to write the order ID into the Paypal payment comments.

Bank Transfer
A bank transfer is certainly always possible. Please provide your order ID in the reference text of your payment. Only then it is possible to match your payment with your orders and samples and we can start your analysis without delay. You will find your order ID in the email sent to you.

For international money transfers please consider the bank fees (e.g. Swiss: 5 €) and add the respective amount.

Credit Card
In order to pay with your credit card please send us your e-mail address. We will forward your personal payment link to it.

Installments are free of interest. Please keep in mind that we collect your installments on your customer account and await the full advance payment before we can start your analysis. If we act differently we have to conduct a credit assessment which automatically leads to an entry at the credit investigation company “Schufa”.

Right of revocation

For revocation please refers to specific article on our site.

In case of an effective revocation a fee for the actual accrued costs will have to paid.
According to § 312d, 3, the right of revocation expires if the contract was performed in full by both parties at the expressed wish of the consumer before the consumer exercised his right of revocation (submission of all samples, all forms properly completed and signed, full advance payment, DNA report completed and posted).

We have compiled detailed information on your right of revocation and a prepared a standard text that you may use to evocate.

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