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Witnessed DNA Sampling

Collecting the DNA samples – Chain of Custody

The sample collection for all DNA tests must follow a certain protocol (chain of custody). All DNA samples need to be collected by a neutral third party person, known as “sampler”. The sampler is not only the person who collects the samples but is also witness to the sample collection. This means he or she will verify the identity of each participant. In general, the sampler may be a doctor of any sorts. You may also turn to your local youth welfare or public health office to have them conduct your witnessed taking of samples. Other persons than that are not allowed to function as your sampler, according to the law. The sampler may charge a which you will need to cover yourself; it is not included in our costs.

Who conducts a witnessed taking of samples?

You can either have us conducting your sampling or you choose to go to a neutral third party sampler.

If you may not come to our premises you can always choose a third party neutral person to conduct the sampling. According to the law this neutral person, your sampler, needs to be a qualified doctor or an employee of a youth welfare or public health office. There may occur extra fees, please ask in advance.

➤ Please check here if there is a pharmacy in your region who will conduct the witnessed sampling for you.

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